Funded By “The Tree Fund“, a tree research and education endowment in Canada, “Tree Stories” is a series of films that celebrates the stories of trees and the people that tend them, protect them, and enjoy them.

Each film focuses on a different species and features footage that will help viewers with tree identification, including close up shots of the leaves and buds, and footage showing the tree’s habit (shape) and the texture of the bark.

The accompanying teacher’s notes will give students topics to explore and discuss in the classroom and assignments that can be done in your local park – finding and collecting leaves, twigs and acorns from the featured tree.

The films can be used in various parts of the curriculum including Geography (natural resources, human-environment interactions, understanding and managing change), Science and Biology (sustainable ecosystems, the diversity of living things, earth’s dynamic climate), Social studies (food and nutrition) and Civics.

Trees are amongst the largest living things on earth, and they certainly are one of the most important for our planet’s survival. They clean our air. They cool our climate. They are the lungs of our earth. These tree stories will help us recognize, identify and value trees for the role they play in our communities, our environment, and our world.

“Tree Stories” is designed for junior high and high school students, landscape design students, and for all others who are passionate about trees and want to learn more about them. To order a DVD copy containing all three episodes email These films have been produced by Susan Poizner.